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Welcome to the online home of CAMS Racing! Our aim is to provide motorcycle enthusiasts with a supportive, fun, social environment for safe and affordable road racing of classic and post classic machines. Check out our race dates, browse through the race classes and rules, or if you’re just getting started, we’ve got plenty of useful information to get you underway. We welcome any inquiries so if you can’t find what you’re looking here,
then please feel free to contact us.

2020 Season Championship Points
2021 Season Championship Points
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Classic race bike for sale
Pre 72 junior Honda CB350.
Reliable and ready to race for the upcoming CAMS season.
Contact Neil
027 232 7345
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Classic race bike for sale 
Pre 72 junior Honda CB350.
Reliable and ready to race for the upcoming CAMS season.
Contact Neil 
027 232 7345

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U still racing Neil?

Had a 350 four a few years ago

Neil Musk check this

Hi Team ,
CAMS race dates for the 2021/2022 season below.
Like share to get the word out!

Are we there yet? 😁

Saturday, 4th Sept 2021 Brooklands Challenge -Levels
Saturday, 25th Sept 20 CAMS Round 1 -Levels
Saturday, 16th Oct 2021 CAMS Round 2 -Ruapuna
30th - 31st Oct 2021North Vs South Challenge -Manfield
26th - 28th Nov2021 Southern Classic Festival -Levels
Saturday, 29th Jan 2022 CAMS Round 3 -Ruapuna
Saturday, 19th Feb 2022 CAMS Round 4 -Ruapuna
Saturday, 12th March 2022 CAMS Round 5 -Ruapuna
Saturday, 23rd April 2022 CAMS Round 6 -Levels
Saturday, 7th May 2022 CAMS Don Bryan Memorial, AGM and
Season Prize Giving - Ruapuna

We should be able to announce rules for 3 new championship classes to run in the Moderns race group soon.
Expect an up to approx 600cc, 600cc an over plus a super twins class for post 1995 twin cylinder machines.

Plus all the usual classic and post classic classes and sidecars.

CAMS Committee

Photo Credit MJSmyth Images 👍
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Would there be transportation for the bikes north for the north south again?

William Hazelwood southern classic at levels might be on the cards?

Nick see the new super twins class, does your TRX qualify?

Just about got my super twins ready

Jamie Linkhorn time to get yourself ready....🏍

Scott Miller Robbie Leach

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Cheers MJSmyth Images 😁
Congratulations to all our Championship winners !! 🏆
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Thanks for the great pics of a great day MJSmyth Images 👍📅 CAMS Championship Series Round 6
📍 Mike Pero Motorsport Park, Christchurch

Despite rain being forecast through the morning, it had started to clear before we even got through sign on. In the end we had a warm, overcast day with light winds only picking up in the afternoon. Many a racer packed the pits, and it was lovely to have such a relaxed and cruisey day to shoot the classics which were on show.

Special thanks to everyone involved with the CAMS Club and committee members - especially Red, Eth, Gaz, Laz, Sarah, Shaun, Stu, Bailey, Logan, Roger O, Wayne, Lachlan, Martin, Roger C, and Campbell. And to the onsite MNZ Officials, Bob, Sandra, Roy and Martin, thank you for keeping us as safe as possible, and all the other volunteers including Brett and Lara in timing, our team at sign on, gear check, recovery crews, tower officials, bike scrutineering, running the grid, starters, food and drink vendors (yes Steve, I mean you!) and our epic flaggies, who always do such a great job, thank you for your hard work, dedication, and concentration! Thanks also to St John’s ambulance officers on site, Christchurch Hospital, the racers, families, support and pit crews and spectators – thank you!

Fantastic to share the track again with Clint Thambi (Mad Angles Photography), check out his FB and Instagram pages for pics from the day too! Special preview highlights, daily themed shots etc from me on the day can also be found on my work Instagram - @mjs_images_nz

My photos are available for purchase – And all photos with a letter code (N, E, RC, B, SL, SM, SD, SKE, RCE etc, are available for purchase in their original colour versions. Please private message me for further details. Please reference codes when ordering photographs. If you know the riders or those pictured, please feel free to tag them! ALL PHOTOS FROM THIS MEET HAVE NOW BEEN POSTED!! Thank you for your patience!

To the riders, if any, who came off and were injured - I am thinking of you and wish you a speedy recovery. Out of respect for your fellow riders - please don't divulge details of track accidents/injuries, especially names of those involved, on this page without express consent of the injured person. All the offs I have caught, not involving injuries, and chosen to post were done AFTER checking that the rider was okay. ***Please note – in the event of any serious incident – If I happen to have captured it, please don't ask to see my crash photos, they will be sent to the Steward or COC, and when permissable sent on, privately, to the involved parties ONLY. They will NEVER appear on any of my social media accounts. Please respect this.***

Thank you so much for the support, likes, private messages and particularly your comments on my photos, and your positive reviews on my page. And to those who offered them in person throughout the event – to say I was floored and emotional are massive understatements. They mean everything to me. <3 <3

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Great Shots as always Mel 😀 was a great day ... See MoreSee Less

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Great meeting and the usual great photos, thanks Mel. Loved the swap on sidecar 32. You done good Sue (As Muldoon used to say) and not too shabby in the chair Dave!

Nice photography 👌

no fuckn good posting near the days end . . dont you wallys like reminding folk so they may turn up . . gezz

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    Getting Started | Classes & Rules

    CAMS is a Classic and Post Classic bike racing club but also prides itself on being inclusive and caters for all makes and models. If it fits within one of the classes and formulas listed below, then it can be run at a CAMS meeting.

    CLASSIC PRE 1963 – 250, 350, 500cc AND OPEN MODIFIED




    Super Single Group A ( up to Pre 89 – 4 stroke 501cc + & 2 stroke 251cc+ )
    Super Single Group B (Up to Pre89 – 4 Stroke 251cc + & 2 Stroke 126cc + )
    Super Single Group C  ( Up to Pre 89 – 4 Stroke up to 250cc & 2 Stroke up to 125cc )

    BUCKETS  –  F4 & F5


    Up to 150cc single or twin 2 strokes, up to 250cc single or twin 4 strokes, chassis and tyres open. competition or street models and parts allowed.


    Classic and Post Classic Sidecars


    CAMS recommend you go to Chapter 8 of the MNZ regulations and read the complete safety chapter.  


    If you have a race bike or road bike and want to come racing, it will have to fit in with the MNZ rules. Below is a guide of some of the things that will be required to come racing. Note that road bikes will need all lights and indicators removed or completely taped over.

    – Number plates/race numbers as per MNZ Rule 10-2-3-Securely mounted exhaust system
    – Baffles wired and silencers fitted
    – Efficient brakes
    – Brake and clutch levers must have a flat back, rounded ball ends and no sharp edges
    – Brake pedal return stop on hydraulic type-Handlebars must not exceed 92cm and must be plugged
    – Fairing blade must be rounded as per MNZ Rule 10-11-3
    – Crankcase, gearbox, carb and air cleaner drain and breather tubes, must be run into a securely mounted catch bottle
    – Drain plugs, oil filler caps, oil filter retaining bolts and brake caliper mounts must be lock wired
    – General; wheel bearings, swing arm pivot, suspension, split pins in wheels, spokes, steering head bearings, all fittings, footrests, secure mounting of seat and tank
    – Etylene glycol is banned from use in road racing events, MNZ Rule 10-13-2

    CAMS recommend you go to Chapter 10 of the MNZ regulations and read the complete technical chapter.

    – Helmet, full face. DOT approved. Must have a visor or goggles.
    – Boots, sturdy motorcycle boots in good condition.
    – Leathers. One piece or zip together. Must be in good condition, no holes, rips or broken zippers.
    – Back protector either as a separate item or incorporated into you leathers.
    – Chest protector to the standard in MNZ riding gear rules link above
    – Gloves, Leather only.

    CAMS recommend you go to Chapter 8 of the MNZ regulations and read the complete safety chapter.  

    – You’ll need to be a member of an MNZ affiliated club.
    – Pay for a one event license or have an MNZ competition license
    – Pay an entry fee
    – New riders get their own briefing and will be taught safety rules, race etiquette and race procedures in the new rider class. Plenty of advice on technique and bike set up is available from experienced riders and trainers. New riders progress to the faster classes once the trainer is happy he/she is safe.
    – Get plenty of sleep and get organised the night before, no need to be stressed and rushed on race day, its supposed to be fun.
    – No riding hung over or under the effects of mind f*ing drugs from that wicked rave you went to last night.
    – Bring food and plenty of water, dehydration saps strength, concentration and speed.
    – Bring a great friendly attitude, be prepared to have the best day you’ve had with your pants on in years.

    If you require clarification on any rules or getting started please don’t hesitate to ask. We were all new riders once and are happy to help.

    CAMS Membership

    Download the form, pay by bank transfer and
    send an email to Sue to confirm payment and details.

    Westpac 03-1702-0084303-018
    Classic Action Motorcycle Sport Inc


    CAMS Merchandise

    CAMS tee shirts and hoodies are now available for sale through Iron & Oil Clothing. Show your support for your favorite classic racing club by wearing the clothing (plus we make a few $ towards the clubs coffers) Click here to look at the range and make a purchase…

    Our Mission Statement is “To provide motorcycle enthusiasts with a supportive, fun, social environment for safe and affordable road racing of classic, post classic machines and support for most classes of motorcycles while promoting the preservation of their machines.”

    CAMS History

    Classic Action Motorcycle Sport Inc. (S.I) club was formed over 25 years ago in Christchurch, NZ, by a group of racers wanting to keep the classic bikes of yesteryear on the South Island racetracks, many of these machines were “SPECIALS”, B31’s, B50’s, etc. running parts that were not completely original to these bikes when they came out of their factories.


    Classic Action Motorcycle Sport
    P O Box 16335, Hornby
    New Zealand


    President – Dave Reesby: (027) 232 2860 | Email Dave
    Vice President – Gary Cotterell: (021) 163 5161 | Email Gary
    Club Captain – Campbell Stevenson: (027) 220 3759
    Treasurer – Layton Matheson: (027) 271 8005 | Email Layton
    Race Secretary – Roger O’Regan: (027) 436 1402 | Email Roger
    Club & Membership Secretary – Sue VDH: (021) 274 6657 | Email Sue